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Otterbox has expanded their line of protective cases for the iPhone 4, the new Otterbox Impact Series case is a great case at a great price. Read on for more details.

It is worth stressing that anyone with an iPhone should have a case of some sort, the day this case arrived in the mail here, that very morning I dropped my iPhone 4 for the first time, and all I could do was watch in horror as it fell to the floor, my muscles frozen, unable even to move my foot to brace the phone's fall. Think of all the times your phone is out, you tapping the screen, holding it up for friends, taking pictures. Sooner or later, it's going to drop.

That said, I'm extremely happy to have my new iPhone 4 wrapped in the Otterbox Defender case, and as usual they've done an outstanding job with this version.

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In case you've been under a rock, on vacation, or otherwise avoiding news of any sort, Apple's new iPhone is out and is a hit everywhere. I've been using mine for a little over a month, and have finally managed to put it down long enough to write this review.

Recently I had to add a second external hard drive to the web server here to get a clone of the main drive to work with on another machine. The web server is a Mac Mini, with data cloned nightly to an external 2.5" hard drive via FireWire. I plugged in another 2.5" drive, after hooking up an old FireWire hub, and got the clone started, then promptly forgot about it. A day or so later I remembered, did another clone to catch any updates, and went to unplug the drive, and about burned my hand the enclosure was so hot. It was at this point that I realized that my original drive was no longer online, after some testing it appeared that the heat had caused it to shut down. Not good! So the search was on to find a way to keep the drives cool, should I ever need to stack them again in the future.

After some searching, I found a number of fans that connected via USB, a perfect way to add a small fan to get some air moving around the drives. One model stuck out because of the name, Thermaltake, well known for their cooling products. So I headed down to the local comp-u-mart, and picked up the Thermaltake Mobile Fan II

The great folks at Otterbox have been kind enough to send over a sample of their latest case for the iPhone 3G, the iPhone 3G Impact Case. Not having a 3G iPhone (yet!) myself, I've asked my good friend Tre to lend a hand with this review. What follows is his report.

Last month, I wrote that Otterbox had a new color in their Defender line of cases, Pink. And while this is not normally a color I would be interested in, my wife, on the other hand, absolutely adores it, and so I wasted no time in upgrading her from her old and busted Case-Mate case to the latest offering from Otterbox.

Just a note that I've made what is likely my final update to my previously published
Case-Mate Signature Leather iPhone case review. Sad state of affairs there...

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