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I few weeks ago, I installed MovableType 5 here to play with, I had toyed with MT4 a while back, but there were too many template differences from MT3 for me to make the switch at the time, and I had no good reason to upgrade. The increase in comment spam of late, though, finally prompted me to make the upgrade, as MT5 had improved tools in this area.

After some slow going at first, I finally managed to create templates that matched my MT3 blog, and from where began working on converting my style sheets. This process went a bit quicker, but still took a bit of time to work through.

One of the main issues that I struggled with was the lack of adequate documentation with regards to building a Theme that could be installed, and how to create different Styles for a given theme. It took some time piecing bits together from various sources, but I've finally managed to create a working theme with multiple styles. I'll be working on a write up of this that should hopefully help others to get through this process a tad faster than I did.


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OK, I had read more into Movabletype's marketing hype than I should have, the templates used are basically the same as 4.01, but there are a new Enterprise and Community Solution options that apparently give some more template options for setting up sites other than plain blogs, so that is of no help to me.

There is, I found, a new plugin that allows for template exporting, but it requires a paid license, so it looks like that's out for me as well. I was able to get all my prior modifications back in place, so I'm back to getting the final template and CSS changes put in place to make the new template look like my old one.

Well, just when I'm ready to get the final set of changes to my old templates into my test Movabletype 4.01 installation, I find that Movable Type 4.1 has been released, and included in this is a new set of templates and tools for managing them. So, I'm scrapping all the work I've done and moving my test setup to MT 4.1. I'm relatively confident that making changes to the bundled templates will be easier, and the learning I had already done should make this transition a fair bit easier.

It's slow going... The new template structure is nice, everything is broken up logically, but there is a lot of new CSS markup that I'm working around, and I'm not crazy about how they have their stylesheets done.

Also, the formatting of the HTML and MT code is terrible, all the formatting is done with spaces, no tabs. This was done, I'm sure, because the templates are edited via the web browser, and entering a tab in a text field is a bit hard to do, but it would have been so much nicer if after saving the spaces had been converted to tabs to make things more readable and ensure that everything lines up, which the built in templates don't.

I've started playing with Movabletype 4.01, quite a bit changed from 3.x, and of primary importance to me is the new template structure. Since I'll need to play with this a bit before going live, I've set up a secondary installation of MT4 alongside my MT3 installation.

Basically, I used the new install instructions, but renamed the mtstatic folder to mtstatic2, and instead of a MT folder in my CGI-Bin, I created a folder called MT2 and placed all the necessary bits there. A quick setup of the new DB structure and config, and it was quickly up and running. Now to hammer out the templates...

Movable Type has gone Open Source. Personally, this sounds like a great thing, opening the code to a wider range of developers who will all be working towards making this an even greater product

To recap my recent upgrades here, I was transitioning my old web/mail server from a G4 box running OS 10.4 to a new Mac Mini running OS X 10.5. Funny that I wrote about using a Mini as a server back in 2005, and I'm only now finally getting around to putting one in here...

So, the basic process here was shutting down Postfix, then using Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my existing server to the Mac Mini (booted in Target Disk Mode), then rebooting the Mini into the Mac OS X 10.5 Installer. The Installer had absolutely no problems upgrading a PPC version of OS 10.5 to an Intel OS running 10.5, which was great. I really did not want to do a clean install, which would have been more of a hassle in converting mail files and other lower level items.

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