Upgrading to 10.6

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It's upgrade time again here, and I've made the decision to set up a brand new system on the Mac Mini here. The current system originally started out under 10.3, was then upgraded to 10.4, then 10.5, and also saw at least one hardware switch in there. While fairly stable, I know there's a lot of crud under the hood left over from all the various installs, upgrades, and software changes. So, I'm setting up a new server completely from scratch on Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6.3. I've set up a spare Mini for this work, so I can have both systems up and running simultaneously.

That said, I do need to preserve the web site, and keep the old mail stores around, so this will need to be copied over to the new drive I've set up. After setting up the new drive, I've used Carbon Copy Cloner to copy the web directories, mail storage, and the Postfix directory to the new system, this gets me most of the data that I'll need.

Next I'll need the MySQL data. Since this process is likely to be ongoing for a few days as I test and retest, I'm not going to want to make several data moves from MySQL, so the simplest solution was to set up a Master/Slave relationship on the two systems, so the data will always be in sync between both boxes. I know that at the end I'll need to clone over the web and mail data again, but that will be a quick process at that point.

Now to figure out what works and what doesn't...

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