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Recently I was working on a web page that used several chained menus for selecting data in a form. We've all seen the type, pull down one menu, select a value, pick something from the next menu, maybe make a selection from yet a 3rd menu before you're done with just that one bit. There had to be a better way...

The thought of using optgroup tags to build a hierarchical select was thrown out, mainly because Safari's rendering of these basically just creates one big long list, with only slight formatting. What I needed was unordered list style menu, such as what many sites use for managing their menus and links. The issue, though, was that I could find no samples of this type of menu being used in a web form, so off I went into unexplored territory.

After a few days of research, trial, and plenty of error, I finally came up with something that fit the bill.

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