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And now for something completely different.

I've got a new ride in my driveway, and despite it having an excellent stereo, the only iPod integration is an Aux jack at the front of the radio. Ugh. After researching various methods of integrating an iPod into the existing equipment, I found a rather nice unit from Harmon Kardon which is unfortunately discontinued. A nice external display mounted on the dash to display info on an iPod tucked away in a glove compartment. Since this wasn't an option, I explored further.

Apparently the big geeky thing these days is to install what's commonly called a Carputer, a computer that mounts somewhere in the car, generally tying into the car stereo, and using some form of touch panel display at the dash. These are generally DIY systems with various degrees of quality and style. But, having a number of spare parts lying around, this may be just the thing for me to tackle.

First steps will be to document the existing stereo setup, and see how best to route audio in. I've got a few ideas on where to mount the screen which should give a nice stealth look to the casual observer, and of course, this will all be run under OS X. Stay tuned...

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