August 20, 2008

iPhone Defender Series Strength Case Review

Last month, I wrote that Otterbox had a new color in their Defender line of cases, Pink. And while this is not normally a color I would be interested in, my wife, on the other hand, absolutely adores it, and so I wasted no time in upgrading her from her old and busted Case-Mate case to the latest offering from Otterbox.

My original review of the Otterbox Defender gave the case very high marks. Basically an identical design, the pink version fared equally well, and more importantly, earned high marks from my wife.

Upon opening the package and checking all the parts to note differences from the original, I noticed a very slight alignment issue with how the two halves of the shell snapped together, some of the catches didn't quite line up, but with some firm pressure, they did fall into place. After assembly, I noticed that the new case wasn't quite as snug in the holster as the original version, the total thickness (plastic shell and outer skin) was just slightly slimmer, but this did not present any issue with the phone being secure in the holster. I had confirmed with Otterbox that they are using a new mold manufacturer for these, and I'm confident that any similar issues are being addressed.

For a few days, we had a minor annoyance with the screen protector, it was sticking slightly to the screen, and was having a bubbling effect as a result. After disassembling the case and removing the phone, I discovered that I hadn't cleaned the iPhone screen quite as well as I should have before putting it in the case, and after a good wipe down with some glass cleaner, and a similar cleaning of the underside of the screen protector, the bubbling issue was gone. Chalk that one up to user error...

As I did, my wife lamented not having the mute switch available, but quickly adapted to simply lowering the ringer volume instead. She rarely has pockets to slip her phone into, and has found the holster to be almost indispensable, and is extremely happy with how securely it attaches to whatever she clips it to.

Also very popular is the circular opening in the back allowing the iPhone's silver Apple log to show through, so that there is no doubt when she answers the phone in front of her friends and coworkers exactly what kind of phone she is using.

About the only negative comment she had was that she wished the holster had been available in a clear version so that it would coordinate better with her attire. I've officially passed along that suggestion to Otterbox.

The word 'Strength' in the product name is quite appropriate, the case is feminine, yet tough, both stylish and functional. Quite possibly the perfect accessory for any woman's iPhone, and as if that weren't enough, 10% of the purchase price is being donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, a truly worthy cause. Not yet available for the iPhone 3G, watch the site for more details.

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