January 28, 2008


OK, I had read more into Movabletype's marketing hype than I should have, the templates used are basically the same as 4.01, but there are a new Enterprise and Community Solution options that apparently give some more template options for setting up sites other than plain blogs, so that is of no help to me.

There is, I found, a new plugin that allows for template exporting, but it requires a paid license, so it looks like that's out for me as well. I was able to get all my prior modifications back in place, so I'm back to getting the final template and CSS changes put in place to make the new template look like my old one.

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January 27, 2008

Movabletype 4.1 available

Well, just when I'm ready to get the final set of changes to my old templates into my test Movabletype 4.01 installation, I find that Movable Type 4.1 has been released, and included in this is a new set of templates and tools for managing them. So, I'm scrapping all the work I've done and moving my test setup to MT 4.1. I'm relatively confident that making changes to the bundled templates will be easier, and the learning I had already done should make this transition a fair bit easier.

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January 24, 2008

Slowly getting MT4 template built

It's slow going... The new template structure is nice, everything is broken up logically, but there is a lot of new CSS markup that I'm working around, and I'm not crazy about how they have their stylesheets done.

Also, the formatting of the HTML and MT code is terrible, all the formatting is done with spaces, no tabs. This was done, I'm sure, because the templates are edited via the web browser, and entering a tab in a text field is a bit hard to do, but it would have been so much nicer if after saving the spaces had been converted to tabs to make things more readable and ensure that everything lines up, which the built in templates don't.

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January 16, 2008

Playing with MT4

I've started playing with Movabletype 4.01, quite a bit changed from 3.x, and of primary importance to me is the new template structure. Since I'll need to play with this a bit before going live, I've set up a secondary installation of MT4 alongside my MT3 installation.

Basically, I used the new install instructions, but renamed the mtstatic folder to mtstatic2, and instead of a MT folder in my CGI-Bin, I created a folder called MT2 and placed all the necessary bits there. A quick setup of the new DB structure and config, and it was quickly up and running. Now to hammer out the templates...

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January 15, 2008

Case-Mate Signature Leather iPhone case

For Christmas, I purchased a Case-Mate Signature Leather iPhone Case for my wife's new iPhone, in Pink, of course. Being the popular item that it was, it was backordered, but at last arrived just prior to Christmas. She's been using the case for a while, so I'm here to report back on this one.

The case is made of handcrafted Napa leather, which is made from sheep skin. The leather is then apparently coated with the appropriate color, after being molded to the shape of the phone. Case-Mate's site indicates that a plastic shell is used for impact protection, I am assuming that this is between the layers of leather. My wife refused to let me disassemble her case... :)

The case does gap slightly around the top where the phone slides in, but this isn't that noticeable. The case has a nice feel in the hand, a slight give, and the phone fits snugly, it won't accidentally slide out of the case.

The iPhone's controls are easily accessible, volume, mute, home, and an opening in the back for the camera lens.

A separate holster is available ($24.95), and is not included, which is unfortunate considering the $34.95 price of the case. The case is designed to slide into the holster and be removed easily, there is no unsightly clip permanently attached to the back of the case.

My wife's observations in using this case is that it is a bit bulky when slid into a pocket, but otherwise works well in protecting the phone. But the lack of an included holster is definitely a sore point with her, so I'll likely be ordering one of those in the near future.

Update: 2/1/08

This case has developed a cosmetic issue, the pink coating on the leather has begun flaking off, revealing a grey undercoat, presumably a primer of some sort to bond to the leather. A call in to Case-Mate indicates that this is a rare, but not unheard of issue, and they have given me instructions on returning the unit for exchange. Unfortunately, they can not just send out a replacement, they need the old one back first, so my wife will be temporarily using my old Speck case.

I'm getting a discount on the holster though, $10 off, so I'm ordering that in for her.

Update: 2/23/08

Holster arrived a few days ago, replacement case now in hand. The holster has a tight fit on the case, the case slides straight down into the holster, curved plastic on both sides of the phone hug it securely, and a bottom lip holds the bottom of the phone in place.

Removing the phone from the holster is fairly easy, but is still very secure, there doesn't seem to be much chance of the phone accidentally being dislodged from the holster.

Update: 3/30/08

Not having a great track record on quality, after a month of use, the holster has broke, the metal spring in the belt clip apparently became unglued and went flying. Simply pressing it back into place isn't working, time for an RMA.

Update: 4/7/08

Replacement holster received, my wife is happy again.

Update: 7/22/08

Was happy. Replacement holder has also broken in exactly the same way. Likewise, the replacement case has had its coating flake off, also in exactly the same way.

Contacting customer service at Case-Mate to resolve the repeat issue has hit a dead end, their claim that their warranty only covered the original purchase, not the replacement items, putting us well out of the warranty period. They deny strongly that they have seen repeat issues such as this, yet still refuse to provide any sort of replacement, despite the fact that the prices on these items have been cut about 75% since these were received here.

Based on the shoddy construction and poor customer service, I would highly advise steering clear of any Case-Mate products.

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