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A new version of the IEEE 1394 Standard has been approved, promising Firewire, also known as IEEE 1394 and i.Link, speeds as high as 3.2Gbit/sec, up from the current standard of 800Mbit/sec.

Likely uses for such blazing speeds will be with storage media, DV camcorders could benefit, but even these have been slow to adopt the older 800Mbit standard, though this may now drive some manufacturers to upgrade to faster offerings.

Just a note that I've made what is likely my final update to my previously published
Case-Mate Signature Leather iPhone case review. Sad state of affairs there...

Not intentional, but I accidentally checked the update to 10.5.4 when I was running another software update on the mail/web server. I haven't rebooted it yet, need to make sure that I've got a good backup first, just in case...

10.5.3 introduced an issue with getaddrinfo (again?) and this is supposed to be fixed with 10.5.4, so hopefully I'll have nothing to worry about.

Just a followup to my Otterbox Defender iPhone case review from a few moths back, I just received word that this fantastic case is now also available in pink, 10% of the proceeds will go to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, helping to find a cure for breast cancer.

They also have pink cases for the iPod Nano as well.

A new version of Policyd is out, it runs as a Perl module and not as a daemon, I've begun looking at upgrading to this version. More modules will have to be installed first, though, to support this, including configuring amavisd-new, which I'm not currently running.

I think I've also found a workable install process for imagemagick, my past attempts at getting this going have all failed. The steps I've found include a number of additional modules which appear to be either required or strongly recommended, and these may not have been installed previously. My last attempt at doing this via MacPorts failed miserably, including having two separate version of Perl installed, which I think I've now managed to remove all traces of.

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