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My wife received an iPhone for Christmas this year, and she's been having fun playing with her new toy. She was very excited to find out that she could check her mail from the phone, and as I had never bothered to set up mail on mine, I took a few minutes to set her up. But, this simple exercise took a bit longer than I expected, since my mail server here wasn't set up for this just yet.

I have both POP and IMAP configured, but haven't tested IMAP extensively, and have only used it via the webmail apps I run, and the iPhone was trying to talk on ports that I hadn't set up yet.

Movable Type has gone Open Source. Personally, this sounds like a great thing, opening the code to a wider range of developers who will all be working towards making this an even greater product

Well, I resolved my issue with the 4.2.1 release... I had originally mentioned that 4.2.1 just couldn't be made to compile here, and I therefore reverted to the older 4.1.3 release without issues. Well, it turns out that I apparently had some bad data saved from a prior compile attempt, and it was as simple as running a 'make clean' before doing another make that cleared everything out and let me get a good compile.

A 'make install' later, I was up and running with Courier-IMAP 4.2.1. It's the little things that get you, sometimes...

Earlier this week, I received the Otterbox Defender iPhone case, a water resistant hard shell case with an outer silicone skin. I've taken my time checking this one out, read on for the pros and cons.

I found a rather obscure bug with Leopard while troubleshooting my postfix logs. It seems that mail that I had been getting from some of the mail lists I usually receive was being bounced by my server because it couldn't resolve the IP address based on the DNS supplied by the sending server. If you've read my prior Postfix postings, you know that I'm fairly strict about the servers I accept mail from, and misconfigured servers generally don't get any mail delivered here.

So, this came as somewhat of a surprise that formerly working servers were now being rejected after my upgrade to Leopard. Some troubleshoot assistance from the postfix mail list uncovered the issue, the getnameinfo function in the OS was not resolving DNS addresses that resolved to a CNAME record, or anything other than a PTR record. The unix nslookup and host commands though, worked fine, but postfix relies on the getnameinfo function.

The good news here is that this bug has been reported to Apple, and signs are good that this should be fixed in Mac OS X 10.5.2 when it is released. I'll report back on that after release. For now, my temporary workaround is to identify servers that aren't resolving, and whitelist them in my helo_access list.

Good news, the case from OtterBox has arrived, and I've swapped out the Speck case for this one, and will be giving it a whirl to see how it stands up. Watch for a review posting later this week.

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