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Earlier this month, I wrote about a new utility that handles log rotation in Leopard, and gave a tip on fixing logging for the mail.log. It turns out that my fix wasn't quite right...

Just a quick head's up that the Otterbox Defender case for iPhone will be shipping soon, I should be having a model for review fairly soon, and will post the details of this as soon as I'm able. Until then, check out their product site for more info.

I've been running the Linksys WRTSL54GS router here for a few months now, and figured it was time to write up a review on this unit. This is only a review of the hardware, though, as I've completely replaced the software.

Most folks have no need to ever check their system logs. Some folks check their logs religiously. Mac OS X 10.5 has thrown a new tool into the mix, and it might bite you if you don't know about it.

There is a new command line command called newsyslog, it is called every minute by the file /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/, and it's config file lives in /etc/newsyslog.conf.

Tonight, I needed to check my mail server logs for some information, and had to search prior logs. At first, my searches made no sense, as I kept coming up with today's date in the data, but my mail logs normally contain a week's worth of data. Well, not anymore, thanks to newsyslog, now they only contain 100Kb worth of data before they roll over to a new log. Ack! A simple fix, commenting out the log cycling for the mail.log file. Hopefully this tip might help out anyone else out there that gets bitten by this.

To recap my recent upgrades here, I was transitioning my old web/mail server from a G4 box running OS 10.4 to a new Mac Mini running OS X 10.5. Funny that I wrote about using a Mini as a server back in 2005, and I'm only now finally getting around to putting one in here...

So, the basic process here was shutting down Postfix, then using Carbon Copy Cloner to clone my existing server to the Mac Mini (booted in Target Disk Mode), then rebooting the Mini into the Mac OS X 10.5 Installer. The Installer had absolutely no problems upgrading a PPC version of OS 10.5 to an Intel OS running 10.5, which was great. I really did not want to do a clean install, which would have been more of a hassle in converting mail files and other lower level items.

The server here has been successfully upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5. A few tips rolled in earlier this week that resolved the last of my compile issues (details to follow soon), so last night I cloned everything over to the new box and started the upgrade process.

One important tip, installing Xcode is kinda important. It's the little things you forget to do... :)

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