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Word is that Speck might be shipping a new holster for their iPhone case that I had reviewed recently, if this is true, I should have the revised version in a few weeks, and will post more on this as I get it.

Since before the iPhone first shipped, folks have been eagerly waiting to get one in their hot little hands, and break it. To tear it apart, find out what makes it tick, and make it better. I'm sure that many of you have seen the articles here and there about folks installing new applications onto the phone, a Terminal, then later games like Tetris and Tic-Tac-Toe, and now an actual Nintendo emulator and a version of DOOM. This is where things are now starting to get interesting...

Compiling applications and installing them on the iPhone is not for the faint of heart, but thanks to the hard work of many folks, it is now getting easier for lesser folks to get in on the fun. iPhone Central recently published an article called The iPhone Hacking Kit, step by step, and it is a great guide for those wanting to get in on the action. Even with this guide, I still had a few issues, though, but I will walk you through them.

I recently picked up a Speck ToughSkin case for my iPhone, there are a growing number of cases available now, and I just couldn't stand having the phone in my pocket one more day...

A trip to the local Apple store only turned up a few varieties, and after scouring a number of sites for information, decided to order the ToughSkin.

OK, I've got a few entries that I hope to bang out later tonight, I've been having a lot of fun/frustration tweaking my iPhone, and after finally having some successes today, wanted to get some of it down to hopefully help others.

Also a review of the Speck ToughSkin case for iPhone.

A bit late, thanks to some vacation time last month, but as promised here is my review of the APC Back-UPS ES USB 650.

I've got this unit sitting under my desk at work, my primary system there is an older PowerMac G4, and as I mentioned previously, we've had a bit of a thunderstorm problem this summer, and power had been dropping on a regular basis. Not great for productivity. I'm happy to say that with this little guy under the desk, my desktop didn't lose power once while I was on the road. But, this unit also has a dark side...

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