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As most of the tech and business world is aware, Apple has at long last announced the iPhone, currently set to ship around June. Rumors have been flying for years on this juicy bit of technology, so I thought I'd dig up my own thoughts from 2004, 2 years and one month ago, and oddly enough from close to the same time that this current product was conceived...

In looking back, I think I hit the mark pretty well, the full screen, touch sensitive display, built in WiFi and Bluetooth. I have to admit that the thought of something this size running a version of OS X never occured to me, but a more robust OS was certainly what I was after at the time, capable of handling QuickTime and iTunes content, web, and email access. It's amazing how technology has advanced in two years.

One key point that I hit on was games, something currently lacking on this product, the screen shots and demos do not include any hint at a games area, but as these are things available for current iPods, I'm sure that by the time the iPhone ships, a nice selection of games will be available for purchase, as well as a select few bundled with the phone, or possibly available as a free download. As FCC certification is pending, the bundled software may be fixed at this time, but should be easily expandable later.

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