June 19, 2006

Policyd for Postfix

I've decided to switch the greylisting software in use here from Gld to Policy Daemon. Policyd has a lot more flexibility with greylisting, including some automated blacklisting and whitelisting functionality, and is overall a lot more robust.

I may be the first user of this running it on OS X, the author hadn't heard of any other Mac users using it, but with some very minor tweaks to the MAKE file it was up and running with no problems, these changes should be part of releases after 1.77. As I've done with most other utils like this I run on the server here, I created a StartupItem for it, and something new for me, created a LaunchDaemon to handle the cleanup instead of a cron job, as cron is depreciated with OS X 10.4 Both were easy enough to do, plenty of docs available elsewhere on setting these up.

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