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I'm once again thinking of replacing my aging Asante router here, and am leaning heavily towards the Linksys WRTSL54GS, it has a lot of great features, and best of all can run an alternate (and customizable) firmware, which sounds like a lot of fun. I've been exploring several options over the last week or so, and right now this guy is leading the pack. More info in a week or three on this front.

What is really bugging me though is that I've also been searching for info on turning my web/mail server box (running Mac OS X 10.4.x) into a router, I can easily throw another ethernet card or two in there, and I can find these little embedded Linux devices everywhere that function as routers, and I know that OS X has to have everything I need in there, but docs are pretty sparce from what I can tell. Of course, I'm also looking for a fancy front end so I don't have to figure out all this IPFW stuff on my own, but is that too much to ask?

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