October 25, 2005

Minor milestone

I hadn't checked the site stats in a while, it looks like we've just passed 300k unique visitors. And oddly enough, the most popular platform of users hitting the site is Windows XP, which seems totally bizarre for a Mac oriented site, so let's hope that they're all looking to upgrade. ;)

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October 17, 2005

Wasting time in search of a clock

There are days when I miss running Classic. Not many, but a few. And it isn't so much that I miss the old operating system, but some of the fun things that used to be available for it. In particular, a wonderful package from Berkeley Software called After Dark, and more specifically, the Clocks module from After Dark.

The clock was a nice, floating clock, that slowly moved around the screen, ticking (or morphing) away the seconds. Alas, After Dark became rather broken sometime around MacOS 8.6, and is now a distant memory for most OS X users. The days of a simple clock that told time, and told it well, as a screensaver, seem to be long gone. Sigh...

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October 12, 2005

TV Time

I'm putting the finishing touches on a review of the Miglia Evolution TV, and will be comparing it to the Elgato EyeTV 200, comparing features and usability. I hope to have this online in the next week or so, after I've put these through their paces a bit more.

Stay tuned...

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