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Tonight, I just found out that Movable Type 3.2 is now beta. While reading up on this, a call was made for feature requests for future versions, so here's mine.

Some time back, I wrote in their support forums for some help in finding a way to better control the default number of entries displayed in a blog. Currently you can either have a set number of entries, or entries from a certain number of days, but there was no way to combine these two the way I wanted.

A problem I've had is if you set up a blog to display the last 10 days worth of entries, and go out of town for two weeks, you come back and there are no entries listed on the blog's main page. Or you can set it to display the last 5 entries, but if you hit a busy day and put in 6 entries, the earliest entry for that day drops off the main page.

What I wanted was a combination of these two options, to be able to display the last 10 days worth of entries, and to display a minimum of the last 5 entries, and a maximum of 10 entries. At present, there's no way in Movable Type to handle this, but I'm hoping that something like this could be implemented in the future.

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