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Intel's CEO Paul Otellini has stopped just short of recommending the Mac, but admits that security concerns on Intel hardware won't be fixed anytime soon.

Let the Apple/Intel rumor mongers chew on that one for a while...

Well, the media is just going nuts thanks to a rumor started by 'analysts' at the Wall Street journal about Apple possibly using Intel chips in upcoming products, and everyone's just falling all over themselves buzzing about the possibility. Personally I think that anyone in the media that starts talking about such things should be fired for their incompetence, but here's my take on all of this.

Ok, so you've set up your own mail server on your PowerBook for when you're on the road, and don't know what ISP you'll be connecting to next. Now you can send mail from anywhere, as long as you've got an internet connection, and it'll go through just fine, right? Wrong. An incresing number of mail servers worldwide are restricting where they accept mail from, dynamic or dial up IP ranges are blocked in many cases, mail from IP addresses without a resolvable DNS name, or even ANY DNS name, etc. And some mail is just dropped, you'll never know it bounced. So, what to do, you ask?

Postfix Enabler for Tiger is now available, finding this out has saved me some time trying to test the prior release and figure out if it worked. This will activate the built in version of Postfix and within moments give you a fully functioning mail server.

Philip Michaels writes in his piece on today that iPods killed the radio star, an article about how radio stations across the country are changing their formats, greatly expanding the number of songs played, and using terms like 'Jack and Shuffle' in their promotional materials to describe the format. Philip seems to think this is a great idea. I, on the other hand, call it crap.

Now that Mac OS X 10.4 is shipping, I know that some folks running mail servers will be interested in upgrading their systems. I've heard that 10.4 includes Postfix 2.1.5, the last official release in the 2.1.x series. Even though Postfix 2.2.x is available, light duty servers can still manage just fine with 2.1.5, but I'm assuming that MySQL support and other goodies probably weren't compiled into the build.

I'm going to get my server here upgraded in the next few days to Tiger, which for me will involve recompiling Postfix (I'll probably upgrade to 2.2.3), but I'll also see about doing some testing of the base 10.4 config and report my findings here.

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