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Since I started blogging with Movable Type, I've been using a feature formerly called Bookmarklet, now called QuickPost, for posting articles referencing other web pages. One thing that's driven me nuts is that I always had to go in and add the text 'target="_blank"' inside the link URL, so that folks clicking it would get a new window with that link instead of automatically being taken away from my pages and having the link open in that same window. Anyway, I finally dug into the code that the QuickPost code uses and found a fix.

Well, I'm not having a whole lot of luck so far, I've researched several USB 2.0 cards, most 4-5 port models, and what I've found is that these cards basically offer a single USB 2.0 bus, shared among each of the ports on the card. Essentially, a 1 USB port card with a built in hub. Not really what I'm looking for. On the plus side, these same cards reportedly offer TWO USB 1.1 busses at the same time, so if you're mixing device types, it isn't quite so bad, but I already have two USB 1.1 ports (each on their own bus), so that functionality is useless.

Certainly there must be someone that offers a USB 2.0 card with multiple USB 2.0 busses, my search continues...

You've asked for it, you've got it! In the next few weeks I'll be revisiting my iPod Shuffle RAID project, and I've got a few new things to try out. First I'll be adding a USB 2.0 card and quality USB 2.0 extension cables to the mix (Manufacturers, please feel free to contact me regarding donating produt to review), and eliminating the USB 2.0 hub. Second, I've got a few ideas in mind that might just get a bootable OS onto the array, so stay tuned for that. The big delay, of course, will be getting my hands back on those four iPod shuffles... ;)

And to answer the big question that's been floating around the net since I posted that article 'Why', it's as simple as 'Why not?'. For those that complained that this was not a cost effective solution, they've obviously missed the point or are humor impaired. This was just one of those cool projects to see how far you can stretch a given technology, and hopefully give others some ideas on what things are capable of. But it might just be a record for the highest capacity RAID drive of it's size...

Ok, so by now I think everyone on the planet has seen my iPod Shuffle RAID hack. My little site here was doing fine all weekend, all day Monday, happily serving up pages to all sorts of surfers in Asia & Europe, and a smaller number from the US. Not bad for an old G4 sitting under my desk at home running off a Cable Modem connection. Then along comes Slashdot and suddenly my site slows to a crawl under the flood of connections...

Naturally I instantly thought of several things that could help my site deal with the load, but my system was totally unreachable at the time for me to do anything about it. Once I arrived home from work, I set about Slashdot-proofing my site.

So, what do you do when you and some friends are all getting iPod Shuffles? You make a RAID array out of them, of course! Follow along as we explore new depths of geekery...

Special thanks to Justin, Melissa, and Shanea for the use of their iPod Shuffles. ;)

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