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Last week, I wrote of my attempts to get the latest MySQL and MovableType working together. Well, looks like I now have things going properly. When I upgraded MySQL this time, I left all the password information in the old format, and the upgrades went without a hitch.

Of course, I also went ahead and upgraded to Mac OS X 10.3.7, which meant (read here for more info) having to reinstall Postfix 2.1.x, so I took the opportunity to upgrade to 2.1.5 and added in MySQL support there too...

So, after several attempts at getting it all going, it looks like I'm finally all up to date on the various bits of my server now, finally! The Postfix part was easy (oh, also upgraded the PCRE software to 5.0), the main trick was making MovableType 3.14 happy with MySQL.

It looks like I can finally get virtual domains going, now that I can work with MySQL in Postfix. But I think I'll save installing Cyrus IMAP for another day...

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