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Well, it took a while, and a lot of testing, but I now have all the pieces in place. Postfix, MySQL, Courier IMAP, Postfix Admin, and virtual domains, all working together. See my prior posting for links to the various packages and more tips.

The last hurdle I took care of last night, eliminating the old mailbox format accounts on my server, and instead going with maildir format accounts that would work properly with all the above software. For anyone setting up a new server, save yourself some trouble and use the maildir format from the beginning.

After doing some struggling and discovering that the latest versions of Courier IMAP (4.0.x) won't compile under OS X, I went back and got the 3.0.8 release installed and functional thanks to setup instuctions here and a handy .pkg installer of the Courier IMAP software from here. After struggling through understanding all the options, I had it up and running. Mostly.

One thing that quickly became painfully obvious was that Courier IMAP was designed only to access Postfix Maildirs, not the default mailbox files used by unix system accounts. So, my next step will be to get all users mail transitioned over to this format, and get Postfix to recognize my local domain as well as my virtual one...

Well, after a few days of struggling, I've finally gotten Postfix Admin up and running here, and as part of that setup (and the handy HowTo posted on their site), I've got MySQL properly working with Postfix, and have virtual domains working as well.

The Postfix Admin software is a collection of PHP scripts for creating and maintaining domains and mailboxes, and eliminates all that mucking about with MySQL commands. They've got a good support forum with some great users there, which helped tremendously in getting this running.

Well, unless you've been stuck in a cave this week, you've by now heard about the smallest Mac ever made, the Mac mini, introduced Tuesday at MacWorld. Starting at just $499, this little jewel (it's smaller than my kid's lunch box!) should prove to be an instant hit.

What occured to me today, though, is that this box would also make one heck of a server, too. Sure, if you've got mission critical tasks and need high performance, definitely go out and get a rack full of Xserve G5s, but if you need a cheap box for a web or email server, or whatever else you might need, this thing would be great. And from what I can tell, there shouldn't be any reason why you wouldn't be able to install OS X Server either. I wonder what one of my racks at work would look like filled with these little guys... ;)

Last week, I wrote of my attempts to get the latest MySQL and MovableType working together. Well, looks like I now have things going properly. When I upgraded MySQL this time, I left all the password information in the old format, and the upgrades went without a hitch.

Of course, I also went ahead and upgraded to Mac OS X 10.3.7, which meant (read here for more info) having to reinstall Postfix 2.1.x, so I took the opportunity to upgrade to 2.1.5 and added in MySQL support there too...

Not exactly a match made in heaven... I spent the better part of this evening attempting to upgrade to MovableType 3.14 and MySql 4.1.8. Things went well until I actually tried getting the web site back up... It turns out that the latest MovableType doesn't know how to talk to the new MySQL properly, the password encryption changed with 4.1.x, and so I was never able to log in properly.

I spent the evening searching for some official workaround, an update to some code, etc. The best I was able to find was a hack that told MySQL to use the old password scheme, which looked like it would have resolved the problem, but I decided to get the site back up and work on it more later.

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