September 27, 2004

Virtual Domains, almost there

After some strange errors caused by a late-night typo, I've got virtual domains about 50% working. That is, they're working fine in Postfix, mail seems to be getting delivered properly, Postfix is accepting the virtual accounts, etc. But there's one important piece missing... Mail clients can't login to read their mail!

I'm using POP3 for mail delivery, and the POP3 client built into OS X, ipop3d, apparently is only capable of handling local accounts, and not virtual accounts. So, I'm off to find a replacement POP3 client...

At this point I'm leaning towards using Cyrus IMAP, which handles both POP3 and IMAP, and also provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support, mainly because Cyrus is what's bundled with Mac OS X Server, but I'm still early in the process on deciding what to run. The other popular choice is Courier-IMAP, this will take some reading to see what seems to run better under OS X.

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September 24, 2004

Virtual Domains with Postfix

Since I picked up a few extra domains earlier in the month, I wanted to play with adding one of them to Postfix as a virtual domain. Basically, this lets me set up mail accounts using the other domain names, but does not require that local unix level accounts be created for each user.

I'm still doing some reading on this and probably won't do anything for a month yet, as work has been incredibly busy lately, but I'll definitely post all about it when I get something going.

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September 19, 2004


Ok, this is cool... New product from Griffin Technology called RadioSHARK, check out the review on O'Grady's PowerPage. It's like Tivo for Radio, very handy for talk radio junkies who don't want to miss their favorite shows and can't always listen when they want, and at only $70, seems like a nice bargain.

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September 8, 2004

Downloading Movable Type 2.661

Since version 3.0 of Movable Type has been out, downloading the last stable release, 2.661, has been... difficult. I stumbled acros some instructions on how to do this, and it worked fine.

I was sure that I still had the original install on my drive, but apparently I didn't, so now I'm prepared just in case my experiment with 3.11 goes bad...

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September 7, 2004

Serving multiple domains with OS X

So, after first thinking I had no use for more domain names, I then decided what the heck and registered two .info domain names for myself to play around with. After some hunting for info on getting OS X to make use of these, I came across this article, which was more geared towards OS X Server, but the steps seemed to work just fine with regular OS X.

I still have my main site served, and currently have one of my new domains returning a dummy holder page. I think I might use this to test out an upgrade to Movable Type, see how things go. Hopefully that info might help some folks out there.

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Free .info domain names

Want up to 25 free .info domain names? Then check out the offer from Domainsite, you can get up to 25 .info domain names for free. This appears to be a single year offer, it's assumed that come renewal time you'll need to fork over some $$ to keep the name, but still, not a bad deal.

If you need DNS hosting, I'm still recommending Sitelutions. Can't beat the price of free. ;)

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News flash, floppies obsolete!

I'm passing this on in case there's a few of you out there who aren't up on all this latest tech stuff like the folks at CNN, who are reporting that Floppy disk near obsolescence. Some of you might not have realized that Dell apparently started this trend way back in 2003 when they stopped including floppy drives with new computers.

Never mind the fact that Apple went this route 5 years before and never looked back, which you'll learn if you keep reading all the way down to the bottom of the article. Hmmm, wonder if I should tip off CNN that 8-Track tapes might be on their way out too?

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September 6, 2004

Movable Type 3.11 released

Movable Type 3.11 has been released, this version fixes numerous issues that folks had in upgrading older versions to 3.1, database issues, and other oddities.

Still pondering if I'll make the upgrade move here... I haven't quite wrapped my brain around the new dynamic php page generation yet, or really seen how the new templates compare to the old ones. I might just need to do a test install in a new directory here and give things a whirl.

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September 1, 2004

RNC speeches in iTunes

As I mentioned back in August, the speeches from the Republican National Convention are now being made available via iTunes. The convention is still ongoing, so be sure to tune back in once it wraps up for the rest.

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