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Mac Rumors has a page 2 story today about an Apple branded cell phone made by Motorola, featuring iTunes/iPhoto like capabilities, a memory card slot, and a USB port. As Rich Little used to say, "Interesting if true". The story is courtesy of a brief posting at by someone who claims to have been told about this phone by someone at Motorola.

This type of rumor has surfaced before, and it's become a favorite for folks to chat about, so I figured I'd throw my 2 cents in on the topic.

My wife has finally decided it was time to upgrade her phone, so I went shopping online looking for options. Her only comment was that she wanted one that could play solitaire. Of course, my requirement was that it could sync via iSync to our Mac at home.

I wanted to stick with a Nokia phone, as I still love my Nokia 3650. But the only compatible phones I could find were both high end Nokias, the 3620, and the 6620, both Symbian Series 60 phones. None of the other Nokias were listed as being compatible with iSync, including all of Nokia's Series 40 phones. Quite a shame, considering that there's so many of these models now, with more on the way, and no amount of searching has revealed a hack for iSync to work with these models.

My search continues...

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