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I just had a problem yesterday caused by my greylisting, my wife missed a confirmation email from Delta on a flight she booked at the last minute because the greylisting temporarily bounced the email. I've since added Delta's server to my whitelist, and I'm searching for any other Airline's mail servers to add them in as well. I'll be posting an updated whitelist when I've compiled a bit more info.

Over the last few months, I've been tweaking the whitelist I use in conjunction with my greylisting software on my mail server. The whitelist is a list of known mail domains that I don't wish to delay mail from. Most greylisting packages will include a sample whitelist, I've found a few posted on the web, and have collected the most common settings, but over time have added a few new entries to several of the larger emailers.

Interesting new today reporting thatMicrosoft takes the lead over Palm OS in the PDA market. Not entirely surprising considering some of Palm's problems and strategic decisions over the last few years...

I'm still standing behind my thought that what would really do well in this market is a 6" PowerBook, a full fledged computer running a standard OS. Maybe someday...

I came across the site for the ECM Mail Server System a while back, it combines Postfix, MySQL, Courier IMAP, and some other cool utilities into what looks like a pretty solid package, all running under OS X. They've recently revised their code to be up to date with 10.3.5, and the latest Courier IMAP software. Definitely worth a look if you're running Postfix as a mail server and want to add more bells and whistles. When I get around to doing my upgrade here, I'll be following their steps closely.

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