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Yesterday, I read about Apple's latest security update, and noticed that it updates Postfix. After doing some checking on the Postfix mailing list, it appears that this update includes a new version of the Postfix code, and not just a minor config change.

What this means is that anyone (like me) who has updated their version of Postfix from the original Apple code will have their version stomped by intalling this update...

All is not lost, though. In my entry Postfix 2.1 on OS X, I mentioned an article at AFP548 which covers the install steps to get Postfix 2.1.1 running on OS X (article currently 'offline' there but still accessible, there are issues with the SASL implementation mentioned that are keeping the document from being officially sanctioned), and a short bit of code is listed to archive the current Postfix code.

This code was meant to archive the original Apple code so you would have a backup, this same code could be used to backup your current Postfix install, so that you can run the Software Update, then restore your Postfix.

Of course, you also have the choice of ignoring this particular update, but it's likely that when/if Apple released a 10.3.6 update, that the Postfix code will be rolled into that as most updates are, so you may get it down the road without realizing it.

My choice here is I think to just recompile Postfix using the AFP article's steps, and install per that article's instructions. This will also be an opportunity to upgrade to Postfix 2.1.4 (I'm running 2.1.3), and include MySQL support, which I'm sure I didn't do before, to help support the virtual domains that I want to implement.

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