Virtual Domains, almost there

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After some strange errors caused by a late-night typo, I've got virtual domains about 50% working. That is, they're working fine in Postfix, mail seems to be getting delivered properly, Postfix is accepting the virtual accounts, etc. But there's one important piece missing... Mail clients can't login to read their mail!

I'm using POP3 for mail delivery, and the POP3 client built into OS X, ipop3d, apparently is only capable of handling local accounts, and not virtual accounts. So, I'm off to find a replacement POP3 client...

At this point I'm leaning towards using Cyrus IMAP, which handles both POP3 and IMAP, and also provides Secure Socket Layer (SSL) support, mainly because Cyrus is what's bundled with Mac OS X Server, but I'm still early in the process on deciding what to run. The other popular choice is Courier-IMAP, this will take some reading to see what seems to run better under OS X.

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