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If anyone was online late Wednesday evening/Thursday morning and noticed some strangeness with how the pages looked, that was my fault. I was tweaking a few things and was making changes on the fly on the live web pages. Generally a bad idea, but I didn't think what I wanted to change would take much time. Oops.

So, now I get to go into a rant about the Movable Type templates I'm using here... ;)

The one big change I wanted for now was to change my 'Categories' menu so that the archive pages brought up only contained the summaries of my blog entries, and not the full text. Easy fix, and that's in there now. Should make finding articles in various categories a bit easier.

Next thing I wanted to change was my 'Recent Entries' menu, specifically the 'More' menu item at the bottom. What I wanted was for this items to take you back to the category listing for the entries in that menu, or the full archive if you weren't browsing a specific category. Because of how I built the menu, this wasn't an easy change, and the fix would have meant keeping several versions of my menu built for Monthly, Category, or Individual Archive use, and that was more trouble than I wanted, so I'll need to think on that a bit.

I did change the full archive listing to use a table, and show the dates for the articles. Should help somewhat to make it a bit more usable.

For those of you familiar with Movable Type, I'm sure you've noticed I've stuck pretty much with the default templates, but with a few tweaks here and there. One thing I've done which I've written about before is to make my right hand column present on all pages for a nice, uniform look. Well, that part is good, but it turns out that the Calendar doesn't generate properly on all the pages. It's going to take me a while to sort that bit out too.

Lastly, and a related item, when clicking on a calendar date, only one article for that date is brought up, rather than bringing up a page showing all articles. I 'thought' I had that working originally, but it looks like it isn't working now.

It's all the same issue as the 'More' menu item, and has to do with how the archive pages are built from what I can tell. So that means a lot of pouring over the MovableType docs, which is something I'll need to do another day. ;)

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