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It's 98% finished, pending a reply back from their support folks. Watch for it in the next few days.

I never posted about this, but for ages I've had a problem sending automatic pings to blogrolling.com when new entries are posted here. After several weeks of searching for clues off and on (apparently no form of support is available for that service anymore since it was taken over by another company, I never received any answers to the various email addresses I sent help requests to), the answer finally presented itself...

Gld, the greylisting system I use here, seems to have received an update while I was away. Seems the prior version crashed on my system while I was out, it was down about 24 hours before I noticed and brought it back online, so I went in search of an update once I was back.

No problems so far, but it's still a pain to compile on the Mac, and getting it going still involved some editing of the make file to get it working. I still hate the command line, but it's a necessary evil at times...

A few weeks back, the folks at Belkin were nice enough to send over one of their new Office Series 750VA Uninterruptible Power Supplies for me to review. After having had a chance to spend some time with the unit, I'm finally ready to publish my notes.

I should add here that both Tripp-Lite and APC were contacted regarding doing a comparison of their equivalent units (despite Tripp-Lite not having a Mac version of their UPS software), but neither company chose to participate.

I'm back from vacation, and am working on catching up on a few thousand mails and browsing almost two week's worth of web sites that have backlogged while I was away. Being away from my high-speed internet connection was almost enough to put me into a coma...

I'm heading out on vacation for a bit over a week, so new updates will be a bit slow, but I'll probably pop in a time or two if I find something interesting to share.

The server is running on the Belkin UPS, so there should be no interruptions in service, weather permitting. ;)

Well, I learn a little more about Postfix every day, and most recently it was to pay attention to the order you run your restrictions in... I had an odd problem that wasn't getting fixed like I intended, and had to run to the experts on the Postfix mailing list for help, and was set straight in short order. Read along for notes and my latest config...

I came across this article on Blocking spammers with Postfix HELO controls after finding a log entry for a (rejected) spam that appeared to be getting sent from my own mail server. My own server never sends email (all that routes through my ISP), so this is all instant spam.

I received a Belkin Office Series 750VA UPS today to review, I'll be putting it through its paces over the next week or so, and will have a full report once that's wrapped up.

I'd completely forgotten that Postfix Enabler also installed a little utility called Anomy for helping to filter email. I'd forgotten until I had to troubleshoot a problem that was effecting some mail my wife was receiving and it brought up a problem I'd forgotten about...

The Gld greylisting utility I'm running with Postfix is working pretty well, and it's already saving me some headaches. I'm still getting other headaches from postmasters that don't quite understand how their mail servers should be configured and some ISPs that just don't care, but that's a different issue. One great thing about greylisting is that it can help BIG if your mail server happens to get hit with a dictionary attack, because of greylisting, all attempts, even to valid email account, will get a temporary bounce, and this is usually enough that the spammer won't bother running through their list again.

I'm going to be looking into cutting back on some of the filtering I'm doing now that greylisting is working, I'll post my updated Postfix config in a week or so with some new notes.

Well, it turns out the calendar WAS generating ok for all pages, sort of. I was expecting it to keep track of ALL entries, but instead it was smart enough to keep track of the calendar for the particular category selected, which is why it didn't look right. Also, since I was checking this right after midnight and a new month had started, there weren't a whole lot of entries to put on the calendar at that time, so all is well there.

And it looks like the calendar can't link to a whole day's worth of blog entries as I'm archiving individual entries instead of a day's worth at a time. So, it's doing exactly what it was designed to do, and I think trying to do it differently at this point would be way more trouble than it's worth. Maybe MovableType 3.0 might do things a bit differently, will have to wait and see.

I brought home one of the gViews I had at work, along with two other ATI video cards, an AGP Rage 128 Pro, and a PCI Rage 128 card. I was surprised when I opened my G4 and discovered I had a Rage 128 Pro in there already, I could have sworn it was an nVidia card...

The two 128 Pro cards were slightly different, one had a fan, the other didn't, and were otherwise identical except for a color difference between the DVI connectors (w/fan, black, w/o fan, white). Turns out that both cards worked with the gView adapter.

Well, the mystery deepens. Using a known good diode on my home brew VGA adapter didn't help the matter at all. However, I managed to identify the spare VGA adapters I had at the office when I found an unopened one, and it was the Griffin gView (discontinued). But, that adapter didn't work either!

In every case, OS X reported no display attached, and gave resolution choices of 1024x768 and 832x624 only. I tried multiple gView adapters, various settings, two different G4's. No luck at all, unless I'd actually connect a display to the adapter and reboot, then it would work. Obviously OS X is detecting displays differently from how OS 9 did, I've emailed Griffin support in the hope of getting some answers to this one. Stay tuned...

If anyone was online late Wednesday evening/Thursday morning and noticed some strangeness with how the pages looked, that was my fault. I was tweaking a few things and was making changes on the fly on the live web pages. Generally a bad idea, but I didn't think what I wanted to change would take much time. Oops.

So, now I get to go into a rant about the Movable Type templates I'm using here... ;)

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