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I've been struggling the last two weeks trying to troubleshoot a problem with my server here, seems that if I'd connect to it too quickly after booting via Timbuktu, or at other odd times, it would just stop responding, though web and mail services kept running. Since I couldn't control it, I had no choice but to do a hard reset...

Well, I've finally tracked down the issue as being Timbuktu not liking my Mac booting headless (no display), so now I'm in search of a cheap fix.

Apparently this issue with Timbuktu is fairly well known, and it's been a problem for some time. The quick fix is to make sure you always boot with a monitor attached, but that isn't an option for me.

Supposedly a video adapter that can fool the Mac into thinking there is a display attached can also get around the issue. I had an older adapter that would set the Mac to 1024x768 resolution, but that's a bit tiny by today's standards. I've been trying to come up with a hack to fool it into thinking I've got a multisync monitor attached, but so far the exact trick has eluded me...

I've scoured a number of sites and pulled up every scrap of information on Mac video I could find. For quick testing, I was just hot jumpering the VGA port itself, but I think I wasn't making proper contact, so tomorrow I go shopping and build a proper adapter and we'll see what happens.

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