Time for SciFi network to change their name

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I really enjoy science fiction, I grew up reading Asimov, Poul Anderson, Fred Saberhagen, Heinlein, Piers Anthony, Larry Niven, and a host of others. And I love watching science fiction shows on TV, even the poorly made ones from years gone by. Like most fans of the genre, I can enjoy the shows for what they are and not concern myself when I notice the strings that hold the models, the fake backdrops, and the host of other flaws in older shows.

When the SciFi network first launched, they did a decent job at bringing various shows to their lineup, but lately they've really been slipping.

Apparently the powers that be at SciFi have taken it upon themselves to pollute the genre with Fantasy and Occult offerings, shows better left for other networks like USA, such shows have no business being on the SciFi channel.

In recent memory of most viewers was the loss of the top rated show Farscape, cancelled at the height of its ratings. Then we were subjected to a variety of decidedly non-scifi shows such as John Edwards (fiction certainly, but not scifi), Scare Tactics, Mad Mad House, and others.

And now, today, views of SciFi are being treated to such apparent SciFi classic movies as Batman, Casper, a pair of Flintstones movies, and that ultimate SciFi classic, The Nutty Professor.

The folks at the increasingly misnamed SciFi channel have totally lost touch with their audience, a group of highly intelligent, often geeky, and very devoted viewers. People that will travel hundreds of miles to attend conventions, that have heated arguments about minor plot lines of obscure episodes, people that actually want shows that require thought to fully enjoy instead of the mindless pap offered by other networks.

It's time for the SciFi channel to get back to it's roots and give the viewers what they want. Bundle up all those other shows and send them over to USA, or split off a another network for all that other fluff. A true SciFi network is desperately needed, and if they're not able to deliver then they need to get out of the way and let someone else fill that void.

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