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I just came across the SecuritySage web site, it has some good info on fighting spam, specifically some header and mime checks to actually reject mail from hitting your server, rather than waiting for Spamassassin to try catching it.

I'm trying out some additional filtering to see if this cuts down on the mails going to the account I set up for spam. If anyone's curious about that, I created a new account, then set up my newsreader with that account, and posted a number of emails in various newsgroups wtih a clear subject and body that this message was being sent so spammers would get the email address. Within an hour, I was already getting spams, so obviously that trick worked. If you're setting up a new spam filter, you might want to do this to get a dummy address out in the wild for testing, just don't post with it too much or you'll be guilty of spamming too...

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