Holy Kodak Moment, Batman!

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Ok, I know that there are some nice high end digital cameras out there that can take huge pictures, but still... Apparently Pretec has announced that they plan to ship 12Gb Compact Flash memory cards soon, and they'll be available at the bargain price of $9999. For those of you that can't afford that puppy, they've dropped the price of their 6Gb CF card to the bargain price of $3499.

I've got a 128Mb card in my HP digital camera, and I can't take but a dozen shots or so before my 2100mAh batteries die... I can't even imagine the battery pack I'd need to be able to fill one of those cards up...

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I wrote the other day about bad battery life in my digital camera. After doing some research, it seems that the Nickel Metal Hydride batteries have a pretty low shelf life, they start to lose their charge once they leave... Read More

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