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Here I am, minding my own business, and I decide to run Analog again tonight to see what sort of activity my web site has been getting. My site has been running about a week, and Analog usually came back with a report in about 30 seconds or so. So I wait, watching little status messages go by, wait some more, thinking 'hmmm, must have had a few visitors today', and wait some more...

To shorten the suspense (I could have gone on for a while there), what was a 30 second report last night has been going on for 12 HOURS tonight! And the source of all this? Apparently it's a combination of some IIS WebDAV exploits (whatever that is), the CodeRED worm (I remember hearing about that), and some other worm/virus/Microsoft product that's attacking anything with an IP address...

First of all, I know that M$ this week released like four MAJOR patches to its OS. I'm so glad that security is such a large focus for them, but sheesh, couldn't they have fixed some of these problems a few years ago when they shipped the OS to begin with? It's no wonder that Longhorn has apparently been pushed back another year...

So, I'm sitting here, perfectly immune from any harm as a result of all those worms and viruses floating around the net happily spreading from one M$ system to another (I actually consider Windoze itself to be a virus, but I digress...), and even though the little Mac next to my desk is happily chugging along replying back to all of those requests 'nope, none of that here', my logs are filling up at an alarming rate, and I'm now at 12+ hours elapsed waiting for my log analysis.

This is the price Mac (and Linux) users pay for living in a M$ dominated world. Our systems happily keep chugging along, waiting for ISPs to come back online after being choked to death with floods of traffic from wayward software, waiting patiently while server admins around the globe quickly (or not...) apply the latest patches to stop the worm-o-the-day from spreading, and putting up with log files that ballooning out of control faster than if someone dumped a few truckloads of Viagra off at the bunny farm.

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As I commented here last month, my Apache log file has been getting a lot of bogus entries like "SEARCH /\x90\x02\xb1 etc, which is from a worm/trojan/whatever from the Windoze world where such things are the norm. Problem is that... Read More

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