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I've been playing Dark Horizons - Lore since the first public call for beta testers went out several months ago. My main interest at the time was that, as a Mac users, I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to help not only with the development of a new Mac game, but a game that was to be simultaneously available on both Mac and Windows platforms at release!

So often Mac users end up getting ports of cool games that had been available to Windows users for a year or more, by which point all of the excitement of those games has drifted away and focused on the next big release, and then developers conclude that there is no Mac market for games.

Let me tell you, the folks at Max Gaming have really done an outstanding job in creating a wonderful game, and in fostering a growing user community. The gameplay is fast paced, but also requires a certain amount of strategy. The upcoming war should prove quite interesting, with a persistent universe that will play out over time, with changing battlefields and objectives for the players. And to keep things interesting, the upcoming expansion packs will I'm sure add new and exciting twists to the game.

If you haven't played an online game, this one is really a treat. Kicking a computer player's butt on your own desktop is OK, but actually playing in real time with other players across the globe is totally amazing.

The game is value priced at only $24.95, I can't remember the last time I paid this little for a game I enjoyed so much.

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