August 8, 2005

Spring Forward, Fall Down

Thanks to an act of Congress, the United States will gain an extra month of of daylight starting in 2007, when Daylight Savings Time begins three weeks earlier, and ends a week later. There are a number of positive askects to this, but for tech types, there may be cause for concern.

Daylight Savings Time was last changed in 1987, since that time, a number of devices have incorporated built in clocks that automatically reset for DST automatically (VCRs, etc), not to mention computers with built in clocks. So, in less than two years, these devices will no longer function properly (during those 4 weeks), which for some might be problematic. It is a given that software updates for the latest operating systems will be updated within that time to include fixes for this, and that most likely previous OS versions may also have minor patches released. But older systems may not receive updates, and devices such as VCRs won't be updatable.

Schools in particular tend to keep older computer equipment running as long as possible, and they are likely to be hit hard by this, but at the same time, the clock being off by an hour in a school lab is likely to be much less critical than a mission critical server in, say, a nuclear power plant.

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