February 14, 2005

USB card search

Well, I'm not having a whole lot of luck so far, I've researched several USB 2.0 cards, most 4-5 port models, and what I've found is that these cards basically offer a single USB 2.0 bus, shared among each of the ports on the card. Essentially, a 1 USB port card with a built in hub. Not really what I'm looking for. On the plus side, these same cards reportedly offer TWO USB 1.1 busses at the same time, so if you're mixing device types, it isn't quite so bad, but I already have two USB 1.1 ports (each on their own bus), so that functionality is useless.

Certainly there must be someone that offers a USB 2.0 card with multiple USB 2.0 busses, my search continues...

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