January 12, 2005

Mac mini Server?

Well, unless you've been stuck in a cave this week, you've by now heard about the smallest Mac ever made, the Mac mini, introduced Tuesday at MacWorld. Starting at just $499, this little jewel (it's smaller than my kid's lunch box!) should prove to be an instant hit.

What occured to me today, though, is that this box would also make one heck of a server, too. Sure, if you've got mission critical tasks and need high performance, definitely go out and get a rack full of Xserve G5s, but if you need a cheap box for a web or email server, or whatever else you might need, this thing would be great. And from what I can tell, there shouldn't be any reason why you wouldn't be able to install OS X Server either. I wonder what one of my racks at work would look like filled with these little guys... ;)

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