June 19, 2004

Postfix 2.1.3 on OS X working

Well, after dorking around for a while tonight, I finally got Postfix 2.1.3 up and running, using the basic steps from AFP548.com, but without the problematic SASL code incorporated. So far, it seems to be working fine, but I've learned a few lessons...

I should start out by saying that I'm not a unix geek, I'm a Mac guy. I know enough about unix to be dangerous, which is to say, I don't really know that much, hence the danger. ;)

The box my mail and web server is running on is a dedicated system, I'm not using it for anything else. When I first set it up and was working on getting things up and running, I had to download a number of various routines and bits of code to make everything I wanted work and compile properly, and of course when I downloaded these, everything wound up on the desktop. Not minding much, I left it all there.

So, tonight I decided to clean up some folders, and organize things a bit. In the process of doing this, I created a folder called 'Mail code' and put the new Postfix and some other items in there, and then proceeded to try to get Postfix to compile. All went well until the last step, the 'make upgrade' command. Well, that one kept erroring with a line telling me I didn't have write access to the postfix folder the new code was in, even though I was running as root. After fussing with it for over half an hour, I finally discovered that the problem was that the Make command didn't like the space in the middle of the folder name, after I then changed it to an underscore, and recompiled everything to have the new path set, it worked great.

Second lesson... All those bits of code on my desktop, I have no idea if after compiling the final code was moved someplace more permanent (/etc/bin?) or if the live code is still living in those folders. I don't want to move anything for fear of breaking something, so for now I'm leaving them where they are. But, in the future I'll be a bit more careful about what goes where.

I'm going to leave things running like they are for a bit before messing with anything else. Once I'm sure that Postfix is working properly, I'm going to try out the Gld greylisting utility for Postfix and see how that works. Since it required Postfix 2.1 or later, I'll finally be able to give it a spin.

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