May 26, 2004

More MT 3.0 thoughts

I've been trying to do a bit more research into the MT 3.0 upgrade, and thanks to a forum post with answers from Shelly, some of the licensing was clarified for me, specifically the part about multiple blogs at the same URL, which made no sense at first.

So, responding again to Mena's How are you using the tool? posting, I have some additional thoughts.

It seems unlikely at this point if my wife will ever blog, I was kind of holding that out as an option, but it may never happen, so I won't worry about it. So the number of authors probably isn't an issue at this point. Though if I could pay some small amount ($9.95?) to add a second author, I might do that if it made sense.

Now, the big part about multiple blogs still seems somewhat hazy, but is slowly coming into focus. And it seems that the reason for this is that the MT 3.0 software isn't actally doing any checking on the number of blogs to see if you're violating the license, it seems to be more of the honor system at this point. Obviouslly checking Authors is probably easy and straightforward (I'm assuming this is checked by the license?), but blogs apparently aren't.

From what Shelly said, blogs that directly relate content to a main blog are allowed (side blogs, etc), but entirely separate blogs would count separately. So, it all comes down to the focus of your blog and how narrow or wide you want that definition to be.

At this time, I'm now leaning towards upgrading to the full 3.0 release when it ships, but I won't be installing the Developer Edition that's out now. And I'll continue to keep an eye on how the licensing saga unfolds.

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