May 24, 2004

ISP Wall Of Shame posted

The ISP Wall Of Shame is up. These are ISPs that have had mails bounced because of problems with the way that their mail servers have been configured. Most of these are because of problems with how they handle the email accounts, some others because of problems with the accounts. More info on these checks can be found at rfc-ignorant, but others are from other types of errors from other spam filters I'm running. Users at any of these systems can try sending me mail (see my contact info at right) and then forward the bounce error you get back to the appropriate support staff at your domain for them to address.

No mail admin wants to block legitimate mail, however the amount of junk mail floating around makes such filtering a necessity to avoid having user's accounts flooded with junk mails. I should point out that only one of the domains listed was actually legitimate mail to my server, the rest are all actually from spams and viruses attempted to be sent here. There were a number of other domains that sent mail that was rejected, but the list I posted were the worst offenders.

There is really no good excuse for not having a properly running mail server, there are a variety of tools to check outgoing mails as well as incoming to keep spam from actually leaving your own server, so these folks are just being enablers for malicious software and users, and it's even more troubling that most of these systems are charging their users for the privledge.

I'll update this list from time to time as I scan through my mail logs.

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