May 12, 2004

Go peddle crazy somewhere else...

Apparently, the brain trust over at Intego has discovered a new 'Trojan' for the Mac, an AppleScript application with an icon somewhat similar to Microsoft Office that some fool apparently downloaded via the Gnutella network, a system commonly used for sharing files, including copyrighted music and applications.

The script, when run, supposedly will delete all files in the user's home directory. This is the second totally bogus warning issued by these folks in just over a month, demonstrating to me a total lack of integrity by their fear-mongering tactics.

Last month's fiasco was another 'trojan' that was an application disguised as an MP3 file, and would even play in iTunes like an MP3 when clicked, even though the file was clearly an application.

It really doesn't take all that much work to build files such as these, they can barely even be called trojans, but since they are one thing disguised as something else, they get in just under the wire for the definition to stick. Anyone even moderately experienced with AppleScript can whip something like this out in an afternoon. Script kiddies have been doing the same thing for years in the Windows world writing batch files that when run will do all sorts of nasty business to the system, absolutely nothing new going on here at all.

Like probably the great majority of Mac users, I was totally unaware of Intego and their offerings until their first warning last month, at which point I decided that there was no way I'd ever purchase anything from them. This latest warning only cements that opinion further, such Chicken Little tactics won't work here.

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