May 12, 2004

Trackback Blogging

For a while I've been wanting to comment on the use of trackbacking, or the linking of one blog entry or category with another blog's entry or category, and how it doesn't seem to be very widespread at this point. I will often run into a site that I want to mention, and would like the author of that article to know that I've written something about their posting, trackback lets you do this, creating a web based discussion thread.

Today I came across a discussion at Joi Ito's Web, which being trackback enabled allowed me to find a number of other excellent articles from other bloggers on the subject. Very good reading, and some food for thought.

On my site, I've made the decision to eliminate comments to my posting. I've seen too many other blogs get all bogged down with lots of little comments that don't add anything to the discussion, or worse, are just blatant plugs at other sites with no relevant text at all, the blogging equivilent of junk mail. There are some new techniques coming along that allow better control of this, it's something that I'm still keeping an eye on.

I figured trackbacks would be safer, coming from other bloggers, and folks who I figured would be more responsible and be able to contribute more useful information if they were bothering to link back to my page. But this new wave of one way trackback doesn't seem any better than the junk comments I was trying to avoid, but does at this point have the benefit of not being as widespread.

I suppose I'll need to look into something like MT-Blacklist or something similar before too much longer. My mail system is secure against such garbage, my blog should be protected as well (and yours should too).

Posted by Jim at May 12, 2004 1:03 AM | TrackBack