May 5, 2004

New PocketPC grumbles

I've acquired a slightly used Axim X3i, and I'm attempting to set it up entirely on the Mac without needing to resort to using Virtual PC. So far most things have gone according to plan, but I've run into two snags, and one may be beyond being doable Mac only.

First, apparently the AvangGo Connect application is not installed on this device by default, and requires that being able to sync AvantGo content be enabled in ActiveSync (the Windows sync software) prior to it being usable, despite the fact that this device has built in wireless and will be getting AvantGo content on it's own, thank you very much. I'm assuming that the required app on the PocketPC side is installed after this is set up under Windows. I've already written to the AvantGo support folks looking for a .cab installer file to transfer to the PocketPC to install this, they have an installer posted but the .exe they've made available won't launch on the PocketPC, so it's made to run under Windows.

The second problem I've run into is that there has been a ROM update to this model, and again it's a .exe file, and I'm fairly sure that there's more to the ROM update than just installing a simple app... It's always something...

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