May 3, 2004

More PocketPC notes...

Found something interesting today, apparently neither of the sync apps I'm using has the ability to convert the Notes from the PocketPC to the Mac, not even the Mac version of Word will open them, go figure. I've found the only way to get the contents over to the Mac is to open the Notes, then copy and paste into an email and send it to myself.

Also, today I installed a 256Mb SD RAM card, and went through the joy of using a Registry Editor to get some of the built in apps (email, AvantGo, etc) to use that for data instead of the built-in RAM. Apparently, PocketPC apps aren't smart enough to know how to use another memory module, and you have to hack them to set this up, basically like editing a .plist file on the Mac, but apparently this needs to be done a lot more often on Windoze systems. And to top it off, even though this was a high speed SD module, it apparently accesses much slower than the built in RAM. An AvantGo sync used to take about 15 seconds, and it now takes 3 minutes. Ugh!

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