April 13, 2004

The joys of web design

Yesterday I accidentally launched Internet Explorer instead of Safari, so I figured that since I waited so long for it to launch I might as well see how my site looked. Ugh. Now I remember why I hated IE so much.

I've changed some of the style sheet code around a bit to make IE just a bit happier and display the page like it was supposed to, and now it's fairly close to how Safari displays. I've got a bit more tweaking to do with the look of the site, but it's getting there.

One thing that I've done that most of the folks running MovableType apparently haven't (even some folks that I consider HTML and style sheet wizards) is to make my individual articles, date and category listings all use the same sort of look as my main page, with the banner across the top, links along the side, etc.

It was fairly easy to do, too. Movable has a neat function that lets you define common sections of code into Template Modules, and then use special Tags to call those modules (basically a #include function) when the pages are created. It was just a matter of putting all of my code after the main blog content in a separate module, then just substitute this into the various other pages.

One other thing I changed, after running Analog , a web traffic reporting tool, I discovered that the little boxes I use over on the right were much larger in size than I intended, I believe around 32k each! I opened them up with GraphicConverter, and saved them as PNG files, and now the largest one is only 277 bytes. ;)

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